The appropriate time, καιρός, the concept of favorable weather for the Greeks and the ideal conditions for a Falanghina Campi Flegrei Doc. Seize the small but great things of existence. Taste a wine that is born between the volcanoes and the salt lakes of an ancient and magical Naples

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From the volcanic land of the Campi Flegrei, a fascinating territory full of history and myth in which the wine roots date back to the Greek era, was born Kairós. The name Falanghina comes from the need to tie the screw to support poles that were called "falange". Kairós is harmony, opportunity, essence. The denomination DOC gives delicate and very characteristic wines with light aromas of white flowers and exotic fruit and distinct flavor on the palate. In particular, this autochthonous white grape variety, located at 130 m asl, enjoys proximity to the sea, sea breeze and sandy soil. Method of free-standing cultivation and guyot pruning. The Phlegrean vines are among the few left immune to the devastating attack of phylloxera, it is thought to be due to the volcanic texture of the soil. "... It is an invigorating area with a constantly mild and healthy climate, fertile fields, sunny hills and ventilated mountains, such an abundance of wines and olive trees..." Thus Pliny identified the Campi Flegrei in his "Naturalis Historiae"

Scheda tecnica

  • Denominazione Falanghina Campi flegrei doc
  • Vitigni Falanghina
  • Maturazione The bunches, hand picked and transported in perforated crates, are selected and softly pressed. Fermentation takes place strictly at low temperatures and with a duration of about 40 days
  • Affinamento About 5 months in steel tank on "noble lees" and subjected to periodic bâtonnage. Subsequently in bottle
  • Esame organolettico Straw yellow color. The aromas of flowers and fruits are mixed with a characteristic sulphurous background. The palate is initially soft, then fresh with a final mineral character
  • Abbinamenti gastronomici All fish dishes and crustaceans, also excellent with dairy products and first courses of vegetables

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