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Our vineyards

Our vineyards are a real land of peace. In a luxuriant nature, we take care of our grapes in all phenological phases

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To every grape its territory

The vineyards are located in several areas of the region. In the range of Campi Flegrei there are the varieties Piedirosso and Falanghina that give rise to the line doc Campi Flegrei. In the Sannio area there are Aglianico and Falanghina from which comes to life the Selezione Igp Cantavitae line, last the Primitivo from the Aurunci area, between the lower Lazio and Caserta. The fundamental choice to tie the grapes to the territory of origin requires a great organizational effort to obtain characteristic wines.

Just an hour away from Naples we are in Sannio, in the province of Benevento, one of the most historically suited areas of Campania for the cultivation of vines. Castelvenere, where our Aglianico "Puro del Duca" is born, is in fact one of the most vitate municipalities in Italy (59% of the municipal territory is covered by vineyards). From our vineyard there is a landscape made of hills drawn by rows and glimpses of boundless nature in which you can breathe clean and healthy air.


  • Structured and complex wine
  • Hills of Castelvenere
  • Aged in oak barrels.

Benevento and Campi Flegrei vineyards

In Guardia Sanframondi, a characteristic medieval village, is born our Falanghina PGI "Dama del Sole". The landscape is characterized by hills and rows. The vineyard has an excellent south-west exposure and this allows an important solar irradiation for winged bunches and slightly oblong berries.

In the municipalities of Quarto and Pozzuoli, in the heart of Campi Flegrei, stands the vineyard of our Falanghina Flegrea Doc "Kairós". We are in a large volcanic caldera in a more or less peaceful state, close to the sea and between sea water lakes. Virgil in the Aeneid defined the area in this way : "I have seen many things in the world, but nothing more beautiful and satisfying for the soul and the senses." The Phlegrean pedoclimate, unique in its kind, gives life to clusters of conical shape with round berries.

The two varieties of Falanghina

  • Falanghina Beneventana in the vineyard of the medieval village of Guardia Sanframondi
  • Falanghina Flegrea in the vineyards of Quarto and Pozzuoli between volcanoes and sea water lakes
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