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About us

Cantavitae winery was founded back in 1927 and over the years the company has evolved and currently is the third generation of Vinai Masters. Michelangelo Schiattarella is now at the head of the company. Since he was a child has put into practice the precious teachings of his father Gennaro. After oenological and agricultural undergraduate education, he trained in major national and international wine companies up to creating the Cantavitae brand with his wife Valentina Cirino, a scholar and enthusiast of Economics & Marketing, sommelier Ais and "Donne del Vino" in Italy partner. The current family business is based on passion and skills. We taking care of all aspects: vineyard, cellar and commercial relationships with customers and suppliers.

Our philosophy of life

What does it mean in the era in which we live where everything moves quickly, being artisans? For us it means making a real lifestyle of simple things. Nature gives us its show every morning at dawn. Among the rows of vineyards you can appreciate the beginning of a new day between the chirping of birds and the rays of the sun that cross the bunches. In the cellar there is a lot of enthusiasm for the various activities to follow, while the aglianico rests and is aged gently in the wooden barriques. We taste the falanghina ready to be bottled again and meanwhile we receive orders and have a chat with that customer who is waiting for us. Ah but we have that idea to develop! So let’s think about dinner and while we observe our hands lined with tannins, we appreciate some artisanal products at miles 0 that we match with our favorite wine. And so the moon smiles at us and gives us the goodbye for another wonderful day to live the next day

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Cellar activities

The core of the activities takes place in the cellar. White and red wines follow different procedures and different timing. In the vinification we prepare the selection and processing of grapes in full respect of the raw material. We constantly prepare all the cleaning procedures for the premises and the various equipment. We organize the tanks where the wines are stored for fermentation, which always happens in a controlled way, and we monitor this process thanks to a fundamental indicator: experience. We reach the refinement according to the right times and we devote ourselves with great attention to the bottling of the various lines and formats

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