foglia cantavitae

Wine artisans since 1927

Cantavitae farm is located in Marano di Napoli. The winery is managed by a young Agronomist and Enologist, just over thirty, Michelangelo Schiattarella; real wine artisan. Every day starts early and ends late for a long time, always really. But dedicating your life with passion to wine somehow means making others experience emotions as well. And here in a bottle of Cantavitae wine you can almost hear the sounds of nature in the vineyard, the smells refer to something authentic and the flavors convey feelings of trust and traditions that are handed down. Wine artisans since 1927

foglia cantavitae

Artisans are born and with dedication is improved

Marano rises partly on the hill of Camaldoli and is part of the Agro Giuglianese territory. Michelangelo is driven by a great passion and the desire to give the well-deserved resonance to a land he loves unreservedly. Its vineyards are a real oasis of peace and among the cultivated varieties we find the falanghina, the piedirosso, the aglianico and the primitivo; the falanghina, in particular, distinguished between a Samnite and a Phlegrean biotype, occupies a central place in the wine scene of Campania, being the most cultivated grape variety in the region, with over 2 thousand hectares surveyed.

A bottle of Cantavitae wine is the result of a long and constant process. Everything originates in the vineyard and for a good wine you need excellent grapes. Pruning techniques and the care of vineyards, affect the quality and size of the bunches. The time of harvest is the most tiring but at the same time fulfilling period of the year. The selected and harvested grapes must be processed in a cellar with adequate equipment in compliance with the rules so the cleaning procedures, bottling and the choice of top quality materials, are carried out following rhythms and cycles to be followed and repeated. Finally, the organization of logistics and shipments.


Petra Fina Rosè wine

Selection blends of Primitivo e Piedirosso wines

Campi Flegrei DOC

Falanghina campi flegrei doc wine and Piedirosso campi flegrei doc wine. We are in Land of Myths, on vulcanic and sandy...

Selected Igp wines

Selected grapes for Aglianico wine Igp Puro del Duca, Primitivo wine Igp Prima essenza, Falanghina wine Igp Dama del sol...


Brut sparkling wine obtained from the selection of Falanghina Campi Flegrei Doc grapes according to the Charmat method.

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