The name ἴχνος (Íchnos from the Greek means footprint) comes from the desire to give an imprint of the Campi Flegrei area through an ancient native grape variety of the area: a pér 'e palummo. We are in the Land of the Myths, on sandy soils of volcanic origin, soils not marked by the advent of phylloxera where the cultivation takes place at "Piede Franco"

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Autochthonous Campanian black grape variety. At 130 meters above sea level it enjoys an enviable pedo-climate, cultivated on a free foot through pruning in Guyot. Already praised by Pliny the old, his name comes from the red color, like that of the foot of the pigeon, which the branch assumes when it is ready to be harvested. The name Íchnos as said means imprint and we refer to the characteristic of the rachis but also to the meaning of the signs, unique and unrepeatable, left by each in his own existence

Scheda tecnica

  • Denominazione Piedirosso o pèr 'e palummo Campi Flegrei Doc
  • Vitigni Piedirosso o pèr 'e palummo
  • Maturazione Maceration with skins at a controlled temperature not exceeding 25 degree
  • Affinamento Steel and subsequently bottle
  • Esame organolettico The color is a brilliant ruby red. The bouquet has hints of cherry, aromatic herbs and hints of licorice and black pepper. The palate is soft, enveloping, slightly tannic and good balance
  • Abbinamenti gastronomici All meat dishes especially game and noble poultry, legume soups, fresh cheeses, structured fish dishes

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